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Wendy Fonarow
Wendy Fonarow 01.jpg
Wendy Fonarow, 2010
Born date of birth unknown
Los Angeles, California, USA
Occupation Anthropology, Professor, Writer, A&R
Nationality American
Genres Non-fiction


Wendy Fonarow has been an anthropology Professor[1] at Glendale Community College,[2][3] writer and music industry professional. She is best known for the book Empire of Dirt, and for her column Ask the Indie Professor in The Guardian.

Life and career[edit]

Wendy Fonarow was born in Los Angeles.

While studying at University of California in San Diego, she worked at the campus radio station. There she was exposed to bands like The Fall, Pink Industry, Wire, Magazine, and the magazine NME. Milo Aukerman of the Descendants also attended UCSD and decided to do a cover of the Beach Boys "Wendy" for her which was later included on The Descendant's album Enjoy! After graduating, back in LA, she started to go to concerts of similar bands.

In 1989 Fonarow was added to the guest list of Something Happens (an Irish band who gave her backstage access.

While attending other concerts, she noticed that the spectators (usually) obeyed some unwritten rules, which made her interested in music performance as a ritual. She later chose this area as the topic for her PhD thesis .

In 1996 she was working at MCA Records in Los Angeles as an A&R manager.

In 1999 she finished her PhD thesis and in 2006 she published her book.[4][5] She has given lectures and keynotes at Cambridge University, Princeton, Columbia University, UCLA, University of Milan, University of Oslo and the University of Edinburgh as well as professional conferences including By:Larm, CMJ, SXSW, Music Finland, and EMP in Seattle, NYC, and Los Angeles.




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