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Battle of Tuttlingen
Part of Thirty Years' War
Date 24 November 1643
Location Tuttlingen (present-day Germany)
Result Imperial-Spanish victory
 France  Holy Roman Empire
Fahne Kurbayern.gif Bavaria
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of France Josias Rantzau  (POW) Holy Roman Empire Franz von Mercy

The Battle of Tuttlingen was fought in Tuttlingen on 24 November 1643. Those involved in the conflict were the French forces led by Marshal Josias Rantzau and the armies of the Holy Roman Empire and Spain led by Franz von Mercy. Technically, Mercy led a military force composed of Imperial, Spanish, Bavarian, and Lorrainer troops. Ultimately, Rantzau's forces were defeated by Mercy's surprise attack. After having suffered defeat, Rantzau's troops retreated back across the Rhine River into Alsace.[1] Moreover, Mercy held both Rantzau and seven thousand French troops captive.

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