Technical Internet capabilities

Today, any business enterprise wishing to operate on the Web needs technical Internet capabilities including the following main features:
  • Software development
  • Software integration, such as interfaces with external Web-based services
  • Design and development of user interfaces
  • Cloud computing installation and maintenance
  • Optimization (performance, traffic, and so on)
With the evolution of Web-based business applications, and the expansion of the range of services available via the Web, there is increased demand for a professional solution to unify multiple technical capabilities within a single infrastructure.
Tanagra offers an outsourcing solution for the business enterprise's Internet department.
In contrast to other companies, Tanagra has adopted two main flagship models:
  1. Specialization in open source systems: This specialization requires unique knowledge and a competitive edge. The use of such systems opens up for users a world of low-priced options. Open source systems require appropriate support services for the business enterprise level, including rapid troubleshooting for critical problems. In addition, implementation of an open source system demands an understanding of the customer's requirements, as well as effective planning. This is all the more true when speaking of integration of open systems to provide a more complex solution.
  2. Full support for Web activity: The Internet, as a business domain, combines a number of areas of activity, including technical and marketing. These areas of activity are inter-connected, and so there it is highly advantageous to provide an integrated solution. Tanagra has a holistic view of the Web as a complete system (although with some limitations) of interdependent components. The benefits of this approach find expression in customer satisfaction, more successful client business, and Tanagra's ongoing business expansion and growth.
The extent of global wastage of business enterprise funds on commercial software instead of incorporating open source into their systems has reached a level of a trillion US dollars, annually. This is the claim of Michael Tiemann, VP of Red Hat!
Even if the quoted estimate is open to debate, it is hard to refute the claim that intelligent integration of open source implementations within the business enterprise is likely to carry with it a host of real opportunities for saving, already in the short-term.
In the current world economic climate, in which business enterprises are seeking ways to reduce their expenditure, preliminary and tentative steps to investigate the possibilities for open source integration may lead to long-term structural change in the mix of software within the business enterprise and, already in the short-term, to economic benefits, and much more, from a general perspective. Even with a small initial investment, openness, flexibility and availability of increasingly well-developed solutions are within reach.
Tanagra has joined the growing global trend towards integration of open source software into enterprise Web systems.