E-commerce website projects – how complex is it?

Selling a product online can be a little bit scary. In most of the cases you don't even see your customers, thus you have much less control over them. Moreover, you have to deal with paying issues, such as credit card charging, billing systems etc. To administrate this project in ease, you will have to use the right shopping cart software, which may only make it harder for you if your choice will be inconsistent for your needs. 

Tanagra understands this is not an easy process; therefore we are here to help you implement an e-commerce website that is appealing and working smoothly.

We believe in the following rules when designing and developing an e-commerce website:

1. Your web site needs to be very appealing and showcase your products and services to their best advantage (we like to include attractive images, detailed descriptions and if possible videos).

2. It needs to be very easy to use. Your customers should find within 2-3 clicks what they are looking for and should be able to purchase it and exit your site also in 2-3 clicks.

3. It must be hassle-free. Your customer shouldn't worry that they might have purchased your product several times over by clicking to refresh the page.

4. It must be safe. We can protect you and your customers from credit card fraud so everyone feels reassured that they are conducting business in a safe environment.

5. Like a brick and mortar store, your web site needs to provide a great customer service and to be as friendly as possible for its users. 

Check out our portfolio of e-commerce websites and take a few steps forwards with Tanagra team of experts.