Ecommerce Options in Drupal 7

When it comes to standalone open source content management systems, the most commonly chosen for ecommerce is Drupal. That's because it's a well-supported long-standing CMS with a great track record of delivering online merchant sites that work as they are supposed to do. Many new users wonder what their options are when it comes to developing their Drupal 7 site, so here's a quick round up of the most commonly chosen solutions.

Ecommerce Options in Drupal 7: Ubercart

Ubercart is the de facto standard for many Drupal users, mainly because until (relatively) recently it was the only real option. In general Ubercart does the job for many users, it relies on a few plugin modules from other publishers – but as these have tended to evolve with the main system, it doesn't leave you any more vulnerable if you do go this route. Ubercart is one of the simplest ecommerce platforms to run.

Ecommerce Options in Drupal 7: Ecommerce

Ecommerce is in fact a different direction for Ubercart, it's a breakaway project from the original headed by some of the same team. It was specifically developed for Drupal 7, and some users argue that that gives it an edge. Others struggle with some of its limitations, which are different from Ubercart's. Ecommerce, like Ubercart, is pretty easy to manage, and very popular with newcomers to the Drupal platform.

Ecommerce Options in Drupal 7: Magento

Magento is a beast of a platform. It works with other CMS systems (including Drupal 7) and is one of the most fully-featured and capable ecommerce options around. The down side of this is that it's also one of the hardest to learn to use. If you're considering Magento, it might pay to get some advice and support regarding the installation and initial set up.

Ecommerce Options in Drupal 7: osCommerce

osCommerce isn't available as an option for Drupal 7, despite some rumors to the contrary (which is why it’s in this round up). While osCommerce is a fully featured online store, one of the big complaints from users is a lack of proper security controls. In fact user forums are awash with complaints about being hacked and malware infestations.

If you're considering Drupal 7 for your ecommerce platform, it's worth taking a bit of time and examining the options in depth. You might want to work with a professional team that can manage the integration for you and help you get up and running, particularly if this is for your first e-store.