Our Approach

Tanagra converts business ideas into successful online presences based on open source technologies. 
Our solutions include websites and mobile solutions.

What We Do

Tanagra is a boutique software house offering web development, web integration and e-commerce solutions. We build and maintain multi-user internet systems based on open source solutions, Linux environment and cloud computing.
Tanagra operates as an outsourced Internet department and offers an end to end web solution including the following main features:
  • Software development
  • Software integration, for example integration of interfaces with external Web-based services
  • Design and development of user interfaces
  • Cloud computing installation and maintenance
  • Optimization (performance, traffic, and so on)
These services meet the need for professional solutions that are capable of handling the ever changing world of Web-based business applications and the booming of services available via the Web.

We have adopted two main flagship models:
  1. Specialization in open source systems: This specialization requires unique knowledge and a competitive edge. The use of such systems opens up for users a world of low-priced options. Open source systems require appropriate support services for the business enterprise level, including rapid troubleshooting for critical problems. In addition, implementation of an open source system demands an understanding of the customer's requirements, as well as effective planning. This is all the more true when speaking of integration of open systems to provide a more complex solution.
  2. Full support for Web activity: We see the Web as a complete system of interdependent components. Therefore, when we plan a solution for our customers, we take time to understand the customer's requirements but also the connection between the technical and marketing areas of his activity.

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Our Guidelines:

  • Reliability
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation