The Jerusalem Post The official website of The Jerusalem Post - the leading English-language newspaper in Israel. Site based open and enables real-time news updates.
The official website of the famous sports channels: Sport 1 and Sport 2. Drupal-based site, providing sports news, Live, real-time updates about the results of different games, video archive and more.
Corporate website with innovative architecture, the site provides a wide variety of information divided by topics and markets and its improved Drupal based interface enable easy and flexible content updates. the site also provides integrated management systems to promote site optimization.
Corporate and E-commerce website providing information and virtual tour in the antiquities of Jerusalem. This Drupal based website enables content update in real time, The site also contains an electronic store for souvenirs and jewelry.
Development and User interface design of Drupal based system offering medical services to patients worldwide.This drupal-based website enables regular updates of medical information and innovative services which offered by the company.

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